Tuesday, September 30, 2014

OOTD: Gothic outfits

Helo unicorns!

I'm always excited when the weather cools down.
I can't wear black when it's hot!
Or wigs  either. ^^;

I'm a big pansy in the heat.

Don't forget your umbrellas!
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Ball-jointed Dolls: From Sueding to Face-Ups

I love my Pullip so much, I'd fill my room with dolls if I could afford it!

Honestly, with all the money and time I spend on clothes, I think I'll be plenty satisfied with one doll to twin with, and I can make her mini versions of some of my favorite designs. 

But I've heard they can get quite addictive, and i know they are a hobby in themselves. XD
I might get hooked!

On that note: 
This time, we have a fantastic guest post from Miss Maria Rainier. She's actually a resident blogger and researcher of an online degree info site , but put together this article for us concerning BJDs and how to customize them. I'm really excited to try some of this out myself!

Ball-Jointed Dolls: From Sueding to Face Ups

Ball-jointed dolls are beloved for their endless possibilities for customizing. From their eyes to their wigs to their makeup to their outfits, the options for customization mean that even the same doll can take on thousands of different forms. While this array of possibilities can be exhilarating for some, it can be quite intimidating for others. Fortunately, there are many tutorials available to help you better understand how to manipulate the array of strings and moving parts and to learn the tricks of customizing for yourself. 


Sometimes, those joints can become loose and floppy, meaning that your doll won't pose or stand as it can. An easy fix is to "suede" the joints of your doll to hold the poses in place for dioramas and photos, and to help convey your doll's sense of attitude. There are a couple of ways that you can suede your doll's joints. The first is "hot glue sueding," which uses the friction of a low-temp hot glue to make the joints more firm. 

Hot Glue Sueding Tutorial from Comic Book Artist Boi:

The second method is to place actual pieces of suede or thin leather into the doll's sockets. 

Tutorial from BJD Collectasy:


Another easy way to help make your doll more poseable is to wire the joints and the body. This will help it to hold standing poses or to maintain any other poses you like. The method is much easier than sueding your doll, though if your doll suffers from loose joints, you may have to suede it or restring it in order for the wiring to be effective.

The Denver Doll Emporium has many tips on the care of your BJD, including a short section on wiring your doll: Re-Stringing

Re-stringing your doll can be one of the more intimidating mods you can make. You have to take apart your doll and are left with a pile of parts and joints, which may not be readily recognizable when you have to put everything back together again. The correct pathways for the strings can also be a bit confusing, depending on the type of doll you have, as some dolls have hidden cavities in their torsos. This video tutorial can help:

If you are uncertain about how the stringing method relates to your specific model of doll, be sure to search for instructions specific to that model.

Wig Making

One of the most fun aspects of customizing can be making your own wigs. All ball-jointed dolls are bald until you give them hair, and choosing the style and color of your doll's wig will determine much about his or her personality. Is he sweet or punky? Is she a Lolita or a vamp? Your wig can help make these determinations. Though there are many different varieties of wigs on the market, you may have something more specific in mind, or you may have a special character that you want to create. Rather than trying to modify an existing wig, you can make your own from scratch.

There are many materials from which you can make your wig, including fur, mohair, yarn, and synthetic hair, and many materials from which you can make your cap, including cloth, netting, and latex. One of the easiest ways to make your wig is to use cloth and fur hair. Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial:

Face UpsFinally, repainting your doll's face, or creating a custom "face up," can help you create the doll of your dreams with the exact features and personality that you choose. While there are many doll artists who offer custom face ups for a fee, and all companies that sell ball-jointed dolls offer a face up as an optional service (again, for a fee), it is very easy to learn how to do your own face up. Even if you have no artistic talent or have never painted in your life, there are a variety of tools that can make the process easier for you, and practice always makes perfect. Here are a couple of tutorials to get you started:

Face Up for a Tan BJD

BJD Face Up Tutorial

Do you have more tips for those looking to get started with customizing their BJDs? Let us hear your tips! 


Maria Rainier is a freelance writer and recent graduate of Elon University. She is currently a resident blogger at an online college degrees resource site, where recently she’s been researching different online mechanical engineering degrees and blogging about student life. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

OOTD: Alien Doll

Hello unicorns!

I have a backlog of outfits I've been meaning to post, so expect a bunch!
For this one, I was going for a kawaii alien vibe. 
The lipstick shows up really bright on camera!

I even bothered wearing circle lenses! 
Silly bug-eyed doll. <3 p="">

Accessories: Paris Kids
Shirt: Forever21

Hope you liked this outfit!
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Friday, September 19, 2014

OOTD: Pink! Pink! Pink!

Hello unicorns!

I have so many old outfits to share. I'm still catching up! ^^;

I felt like wearing fairy kei for once.
I didn't wear so much jewelry this time.
I guess I decided to combine Sweet Lolita style with my romper from Bodyline.

Wig, romper: Bodyline
Blouse: Anna House
Everything else offbrand

I also have an installment of the Lolita 100 to share today.
I haven't done one of these for a while. But I intend to finish all of them someday!

(41) レースはどんな種類が好きですか?(What types of lace do you like?)
The embroidered cotton venice and netting laces! What's better than having ice cream, music notes, and other matching motifs right on your lace! :D I like crochet too, because I can make it myself, and it's great for dyeing.

(42) お人形さんを所有していますか? 持っている方はその子に対する思いを熱くどうぞ!(Do you own a doll? Does it give you fun, childish feelings?)
Yes! I'm becoming a bit of a collector, it seems...
I've got an old porcelain doll from my childhood that I never played with. XD I'm so glad, because now she's in perfect condition!
I also have a poppet someone made me in a craft swap, and if you don't know what they are, check out www.craftster.org, and search Poppet, they're so cute! I plan to make myself another poppet that looks like me, to twin with. :3
I have a Romantic Alice Pullip that I love to bits. Her costume is so perfect, and her makeup is so soft and feminine!
I also collect Novi Star dolls, and I have the two different versions of Una Verse so far. 

(43) ロリィタ時の鞄の中身は?(What is in your lolita bag?)
Candy! :D 
No really, I've got my cell phone, date book, DS or PSP, a notebook and pen for ideas, some makeup, my wallet, portable umbrella, mini emergency kit with things like stain remover and painkillers and band-aids, phone charger, sometimes my knitting, and CANDY!!

(44) 好きな花は何ですか?(What is your favourite flower?)
I love bleeding hearts, foxgloves, and roses! Roses are so utilitarian, there's lots of ways to make them tasty. :D I've had my eye on a recipe for rose syrup for some time now, and I've been known to make candied rose petals, rose jam, and buy rose candies whenever I see them.

(45) 今、一番のお気に入りアクセサリーはどんなもの?(Right now, what is your favourite accessory?)
That's so difficult! But either my flower crowns, or my pink plastic spike bracelets. The spike bracelets are just such a wonderful juxtaposition: candy coloring a punk staple makes them unexpected. 

(46) お気に入り・お勧めの化粧品を教えて下さい。(Please reccommend us some cosmetics.)
Rimmel's Lash Accelerator! I tried it because of a review on another blog that said it really works. It claims to help your lashes grow visibly longer and thicker in 30 days, and I really see the difference! My lashes look so long, like falsies, when I put on this mascara! And it's a really nice quality too, it really doesn't ever clump or flake. However, I don't recommend the volume version, only the lengthening type. For some reason the brush on the volume one just doesn't work well. Also, primer! Use it! Your photos, and just your face, really, will look so much smoother and more doll-like if you use primer under your regular makeup. I really like Too Faced's Primed and Poreless, but I recently discovered Etude House's Baby Choux Color Base in the mint green, and it does miracles for my redness. Lastly, try out different unique colors of blush! I've become addicted. Bright reds, dusty rose, lavender, orange, peach, they're all wonderful, and completely change your look!

(47) パッチリお目目はお人形さんの証! ということでつけまつ毛は使っていますか?(With Eye-tape your eyes look like a Doll's! What eyelashes will you wear?)
I love falsies! Right now, I use mostly cheap daiso lashes everyday, but I have lashes I brought back from Japan for special occasions. Diamond Eye, PlayCute, Eyemazing, and Dolly Wink are all spectacular quality.   

(48) アイメイクの拘りをどうぞ。(Your eyemakeup for these eyelashes?)
I really like color, so I've often been doing just one color over my whole lid, then contouring the eye with eyeliner and black or dark brown shadow. Sometimes I do tare-me with my liner, and other times I flick it up into a punk rock wing. 

(49) 口紅は赤? 青? 黒? ピンク?(Red Lipstick? Blue? Black? Pink?)
ALL THE COLORS. I bought most of Nyx's macaron lippie collection for the colors, and I'm so in love with my two green shades from Atomic Cosmetics. I really want every color imaginable! But daily, I tend toward a pink or red stain, something delicate and subtle. 

(50) マニキュアは何色を使うことが多いですか? (Or which nail polish do you choose normally?)
Cute pastels or bright colors! I vary my nails as much as I can, usually with awesome nail art.   

Friday, September 12, 2014

48 Flabbergasting Steampunk Tutorials

Steampunk Lolita collage from Polyvore

Hello Unicorns!

September is here, and fall will soon be upon us! What better time to stock up on leathers, furs, and browns that will complete your Steampunk wardrobe?

I thought now was the perfect time to round up some tutorials and thrifting guides for new Steampunks. It has been quite in vogue recently, but I've been donning my goggles and bustles since 2008. There's a wonderfully vibrant Steampunk community here in Seattle, and I've never wanted to miss out by being underdressed!

So before we start, I have some tips for thrifting and reusing other pieces in Steampunk outfits. It's not nearly as hard as you'd think, and many of us dress ourselves on a shoe-string budget!

Try these on for size

  • The most popular motifs in Steampunk outfits are gears and clocks, and they aren't terribly expensive or hard to find! Try wearing a pocket watch with a chain tucked into your pocket, or a watch locket, for some old world romance. Nice watches in earth tones, especially when worn all at once, give the impression of a well-informed time traveler!
  • Corsets! Lolita likes to dance with corsets when they want a more dramatic look, but they are always acceptable in a steampunk coordinate. If you have a corset, start trying it on over all your favorite dresses and blouses; you might be surprised at what really works!
  • Classic Lolita and steampunk have a lot of elements in common, with Victorian inspirations and darker, more subtle color palettes. Steal some of your Lolita pieces and try matching them up with normal clothes, or go thrifting for new pieces that can pair with them. Try some pieces in jewel tones, olive greens, tans, browns, and purples. Coordinate like a Victorian lady gearing up for a day of adventure!
  • Steampunk accessories are often quirky and fun. Who says you can't carry a raygun on your garter and still be ladylike? Also, many accessories are notoriously easy to make, so check the tutorials below for inspiration.
  • Find that one accessory you've never been able to coordinate, and try to make it work with a more colorful, hodgepodged coordinate. We tend to try to limit our color palettes in Lolita so everything matches, but often a colorful, mis-matched outfit is perfect for Steampunk.
  • Bustles are fun! If you don't have anything bustled, you can make it so. Take a needle and a thick, string-like thread that won't risk breaking on you. Just do a wide, basting type stitch  up the length of your skirt, from bottom to top. When you're done, tug the string and gather it to your desired height. Whenever you get sick of it, just snip the string and take it back out! 
  • Leather gloves are a highly underrated accessory, and are often easy to find in thrift stores. So are goggles. Keep your eyes open, and you'll eventually happen across beautiful vintage pieces that may well have been from the early 1900s. 
Now on to some tutorials!

To be honest, there were too many good ones for me to just list them here! So I decided to make a Pinterest board instead! :)

Follow Bunnie Lee's board Steampunk on Pinterest.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Major Projects in the works!

Hello unicorns!

I think it's important to keep you all in the know with what you can expect from BCB, and there's a lot on the way!

It's a really long list, as I have a lot of catching up to do!
A shorter, ongoing version will be posted as a sidebar in my blog page from now on, at www.bowcoveredbunnie.com 

Major Projects

J-Fashion Trends panel for Sakuracon.
(Panel submissions aren't open yet, but come Sakuracon 2015, expect the first ever panel on current J-Fashion trends and how to wear them!)

The Lolipedia: A guide to buying, creating, and wearing your ideal Lolita self
(I've decided that after being in the fashion for 8+ years, it's about time that I help other Lolitas by putting together all of the most important knowledge and guides in one place! Having a handy guide with relevant info on buying clothes, caring for delicate and difficult pieces, making your own pieces, doing appropriate hair, wig, and makeup styling to complete your outfits, and everything else that should go into a giant English-language Lolita manual!)

'Dreaming Dolls Cosmetics'
(I've observed how hard it is to get Asian cosmetics here in the states, and it feels ridiculous that of all places, anime cons don't even sell them! I'm determined to open the first Asian cosmetic imports booth and offer on-site cosplay makeup and styling for con-goers! I'll be hiring makeup artists that can be booked for styling appointments, whether you need special costume makeup, or want a doll-like, flawless appearance under your outfit! I've started putting together a Kickstarter, which will allow you to buy vouchers, which can be redeemed for their value in cosmetics, or for cosplay or J-fashion style makeup by an on-site stylist. More details will follow when we have the Kickstarter up and running!)

'Smashbooking 101' Video Course.
I've decided to delve into teaching online classes, and the first one I'm tackling is a class that I wish existed when I discovered Smashbooks! Smashbooking, also known as low-pressure scrapbooking or art journaling, is all about immortalizing your life and memories in a way that you love. There's so many fun ways to go about it, but often it's hard to know where to start. This course covers all the basics, from buying or making your journal, to what kinds of materials to use, to techniques on fun ways to use scraps and art supplies to create amazing interactive art.

On the Back Burner

Sweet and Speedy Gifts video course.
Making gifts in a hurry is something I've become rather adept at. I've gotten the hang of making things in batches, and mastering simple patterns that can be customized for different tastes. I'll be recording videos on some of my favorite (and most popular!) gifts for when Christmas or a party are sneaking up on you.

The Dreamer's Closet
My ultimate end-goal, I've decided to put off opening my boutique until I'm financially stable enough to afford buying stock and holding on to it. I want shipping within the states to be speedy and dependable!

Poupee Magazine
When the boutique opens, I want content and community to be a major part of it. I plan to run the first English J-fashion magazine that covers all the different fashions, and keeps up on current Harajuku trends. Similar to an English language Kera or Zipper, it will be the kawaii catch-all for our community.

Blog Post To-Do List

Outfit Posts
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Hime Gyaru nail tutorial roundup
steampunk inspired nail roundup
sweet lolita nail art roundup
gothic lolita nail art roundup
classic lolita nail art roundup
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shironuri makeup tutorial roundup
how to wear bold lip colors guide
seapunk style breakdown and guide
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Ero Lolita Style Guide and Do's and Don'ts
Defining Punk Lolita vs Punk fashion
Working glasses into Kawaii Fashion
Christmas coordinate inspiration
4 trendy and cheap products for winter!
How to start a kawaii blog
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Mermaid-kei/seapunk tutorial roundup
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DIY fairy kei roundup
DIY Pastelgoth and style guide
Streamlining your morning routine with Kawaii fashion (aka getting cute in a hurry)
Lolita 52 Challenge
My favorite games for DS and iPhone
My Lolita Inspiration Album
How to Deal with Fashion Burnout
How to Take Good Selfies
My Collections: Perfume
My Collections: Dolls
Closet Tour
My Hobbies outside of Fashion
Steampunk Tutorial Roundup
'We Are Not Otaku' an essay on donning frills.
The Current State of Lolita Fashion
What Lolita in Seattle is Like
Sellers blacklist: a list of scammers that have proven bad records, and links to reviews
List of approved taobao sites with positive reviews
365 Day Challenge
Product Reviews

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bow-Covered Bunnie's First Giveaway!

Hello Darlings!

To celebrate my new move, and a fresh start, and hopefully lots more blogging, I wanted to try out having a giveaway!

My aim is to give you everything you need to make yourself up like a doll!

Prizes are
  • Etude House Face Conditioning Cream (primer)
  • Holika Holika Petit BB Cream in the shade of your choice
  • Holika Holika Jewel Eyes Under Eye Liner 
  • Etude House Dear Girls Big Eyes Maker (shadow sponge duo)
  • Etude House Oh My Line Eyeliner
  • 2 TonyMoly Bunny Glosses in the colors of your choice!
The giveaway will be open for a month, and there's lots of ways to enter! 

Good luck sweethearts! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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